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Panasonic FS20

  • Resolution:10.10 Megapixels Lens:4.00x zoom Wide-angle 30mm is great for wide landscapes and group shots. Good image quality at ISO 100. Effective Image Stabilization, plus Intelligent Auto tackles almost any photographic situation. Fast performance, no practical shutter lag, fast and precise AF. Availability of Manual WB. CA negligible. Availability of Guide Lines (2 patterns). Stylish, ultra slim, flush design. A finger grip that is not slippery. Very good build and construction; a beautiful camera. 22 Zoom steps for precise focal length positioning. Accepts large capacity SDHC card. Very good Menu Structure and intuitive Controls. Availability of 15, 30 and 60 sec. in Starry Sky scene mode. Hinged door for easy access to terminals.
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